Strength training, fat loss and health simplified!

Strength training and Health shouldn't be complicated. Let me show you a simple way to harness strength training for loss and optimising your health and fitness!

Are you tired of spinning your wheels? You lose a few kgs but gain it again after a few weeks or months? Does it feel like you are stuck on a hamster wheel, doomed to follow the same vicious cycle?  

If so, don't worry, you are not alone! I felt the same at the beginning of my health and fitness journey 10 years ago. I would lose a few kilograms, only to gain it back within a few months. 

Over the years, I spent an ungodly amount of time researching and putting different methods into practice. Experimenting on myself and my clients. Some helped, some didn't. 

Eventually, I was able to find a simple way to lose fat. I want to help you achieve your fat loss goals through `strength training and a simple health and fitness approach. 

Hi, I'm Bryan. I'm a strength training for fat loss specialist. I'm here to help you achieve your fat loss goals. Consider me your guide on the side for your fat loss journey. 

The past 5 years have been spent in the trenches; experimenting and finding how best to help people achieve their results in the simplest way possible.

Before proceeding further, simple doesn't mean easy or a 'quick fix'. If you are looking at rapid fat loss- 20kg in 28 days, than I'm not the person for you. What I teach is not 'sexy' but it will help you lose fat and keep it off for good. 

If you are interested in coaching, fill in the form below or under the "work with me tab" to get it going!