Issue 1: Origin of Bryan B Fitness

Hi, I'm Bryan. I'm a strength training for fat loss specialist. I simplify strength training for fat loss so that you can lose fat and achieve your health and fitness goals! 

There is an extraordinally amount of information circulating around the interwebs on fat loss. The sheer amount will have your head spinning quicker than tequila on a Friday night. 

It's important to know that almost all methods for fat loss work, I'm not going to deny that. The variable is whether you can maintain that method long term (Like, for the rest of your life). 

This is where the basics become important. The basics are things like regular strength training, eating vegetables, fruits AND your cake too! 

My Origin Story

I love origin stories. If you look at my collection of "nerdy books", as my girlfriend calls it, most of what I own are origin stories. There's just something about origins that I find fascinating! 

The beginning... 

I started training in high school. This was back in the days before the internet had so much information. I trained at my friends garage gym after school. My early training knowledge came from magazines-muscle and fitness and men's health. 

I only saw real, mouth dropping, "is that guy on roids?!" results 5 years after starting.  I wasn't consistent and I didn't have a trainer/coach to guide me. I had to figure everything out myself. I would complicate the process by trying "advance diets". I was a notorious program hopper; do one program for a week, see no results so you go onto a different program.

Nutrition wise, I restricted my calories during the week and pig out on a Friday. I would fast all of Saturday and not eat again till Sunday. This led me to have a bad relationship with food. I would restrict my vegetables, salads and fruits, in favour of ice cream, cookies and Tim tams. It was unsustainable and I didn't learn the proper habits of long lasting results. 

Eventually, I realised I needed help. I was stuck in a place I didn't want to be in. Help came in the form of one my online coaches. I learnt proper training structure and basic nutrition principles. 

Since then, I've had other coaches. Each coach adding to my knowledge and helping me achieve my goals. Now, I use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). I have a consistent training and nutrition plan. I don't do anything  unsustainable or for the short term. I'm the strongest now and I eat more calories then I did back in the day, and am still losing fat.

My process took a long time because I spent my early years spinning my wheels.

However, it doesn't have to be the same for you! 

I can help you achieve your fat loss goals through strength training and a simple approach to nutrition health so that you can achieve your results in a time efficient way. If you work with me you'll receive:

- A habit checklist so that you can develop the basics of what really matters for long lasting results,

- A personalised training program so that you can achieve the goals YOU want and is tailored to YOU,

- Weekly check-ins to track your progress

- Form and technique video feedback, so that you have peace of mind that your technique and form is on point

For more information, check out my instragam and facebook pages below. 

If you want to work with me, click the link below now!