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Bryan is a good trainer. I have been training with him for more than 2 years already.  From face to face till now online coaching. I am so happy about the results that I got. Muscles growing on my bum and also got nice abs.  Leg looks great as well. Looks like I got everything that I wanted. Also, compared to before , I can lift much heavier than I thought. I will continually to training with him to meet better self!



“Since I have been working with Bryan – Personal Trainer for the last couple of years – I now have a better understanding of how to do Squats, Deadlifting, and Benching the correct way and other certain movements of the body during Cardio Workouts. Basically doing it the proper way. During the very first few months of my journey with Bryan I was able to lose a staggering 15kgs in a very short amount of time. And when I have had medical issues the last couple of months he has not abandoned me during the time that I have needed to take time out from training. He is still checking up on me every week. All around great Personal Trainer”.



“Since I have been training with Bryan for the last 6 years (PT) he has been working with me to gain Core Strength and Agility. I have been working on improving my Personal Best with regards to Deadlifting, Squatting and Benching. I am now able to lift pretty much double my weight which also helps me to do my everyday job! Bryan has guided me through these times and motivates me to improve. I am now definitely in a better place with regards to my training and exercise since I started training with Bryan”